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Up to 60% energy savings

Our heat system delivers significant energy and cost savings for transport operators.


0% carbon emissions

The heat system is completely carbon free since no fuel is burnt.


Greater comfort for passengers

The vehicle interior heats up more quickly and effectively – with a more even temperature at all levels.


Safe and natural

Infrared heat is 100% safe. It gives the feeling of warmth on a sunny, winter day or the heat from an open fire.


Easy to install

Our system can be easily installed and hidden within the inner roof panel of any vehicle.


Low maintenance

Our heaters have lower running costs than water-based heating, which requires regular servicing and maintenance.



The benefits

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Our world-leading infrared heat systems offer numerous benefits over conventional heat systems.

Significantly lighter

Our system is 1/10 of the weight of a typical convection heater and up to 97% lighter than an electric heat pump. This contributes to fuel savings and increased passenger occupancy – which equates to higher revenue.


Reduced condensation

Objects remain relatively warmer than the air, which minimises moisture build-up.


Less dust

Since the technology does not rely on circulation, there is less dust in the air – reducing potential problems for asthma and allergy sufferers.


Our infrared heat system is a cost-effective, energy efficient option for electric vehicles as well as petrol/diesel vehicles.


1 when used with electricity produced by wind or solar-generated electrical energy.

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