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Our pioneering infrared heaters provide a completely new way to heat buses, coaches, trains and even marine vehicles.



up to 60% energy savings over traditional convection heaters

greater warmth and comfort for passengers

a carbon-free heat system


easy installation and low maintenance – with reduced running costs

Our innovative technology provides:

Improving energy efficiency, enhancing passenger comfort

Infrared heat works completely differently from standard methods used in petrol or diesel vehicles. Traditionally, hot water is used to heat the air, which eventually warms the vehicle interior and the passengers. Infrared heat works in reverse, first heating the passengers and fabric of the vehicle, and then warming the air – a quicker, more energy-efficient process.  

The infrared system is also completely free from carbon emissions – helping vehicle owners and operators meet the Government’s tough environmental targets in this area.


Easy to install, low maintenance infrared panel heaters

Our sleek, lightweight systems can be easily mounted and hidden within the inner roof panel of any vehicle. The heating can be switched on via a timer or thermostatic control when the vehicle is charging. So it warms up the interior before the vehicle goes into service for the day. This uses far less energy than heating a vehicle parked outside in the cold overnight, particularly in winter.


Reduced running costs

The heaters have lower running costs than water-based or fan-assisted systems, which require regular maintenance and servicing. So, our infrared heaters are more economical over a lifetime.


Find out more about the benefits of our infrared heat systems.


UK Patent Application Numbers 1605508.9 & 1618122.4

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