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Traditional convection heat methods

In convection heating, hot water is used to heat air passing through a heat exchanger, which is then blown or ducted around the vehicle. The air is then used to warm the internal surfaces of the vehicle and the passengers. These may remain cold for some time as the heaters must first raise the temperature of the air and then overcome the low interior surface temperatures.

Furthermore, air retains heat poorly and the warmth is often lost through doors opening and closing or through draughts.


The difference with infrared vehicle heat systems

Our infrared heating system works in reverse. The infrared rays warm any surface they come into contact with (i.e. the vehicle structure and people) first. These objects then radiate warmth – leading to higher energy efficiency as well as greater comfort for passengers.


The temperature is more consistent across the vehicle – significantly reducing cold spots and cold feet! Condensation, which forms when warm air comes into contact with a cold surface, is also reduced.


Higher energy efficiency, lower costs

When the vehicle is parked overnight, the heating can be switched on via a timer or thermostatic control. So it warms up the interior before the vehicle goes into service for the day. This uses far less energy than heating a vehicle parked outside overnight in the cold, particularly in winter.


A cost-effective option for electric vehicles

Our infrared heat technology provides a cost-effective, energy-efficient option for electric as well as petrol/diesel vehicles. Currently, the only other viable options for electric vehicles are more energy-intensive and less eco-friendly.




Infrared – safe and natural

Infrared heat gives the feeling of warmth on a sunny, winter day or the heat from an open fire.

How our infrared heat system works

Take a look at the benefits of our technology or get in touch to find out more.

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Infrared heat works in a completely different way from traditional convection heaters used in petrol and diesel vehicles.

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